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Saturday, August 08, 2009 Y
New Blog addy

Hiya, to whoever's reading this blog, I've moved the blog to http://joellegohkl.blogspot.com

It's much easier to remember if you know me...anyway, I'll be blogging my first entry after so long next, so do stay tuned.



Sunday, July 06, 2008 Y
A new phrase in life

After so long since I last did anything to this blog, I've decided to pop in with this new entry to record down what I've been doing.

There are so many things going on, I really dont know where to start.

Anyway, lets start with education:
I've enrolled into UniSIM and the undergraduate programme will commence on the 21st this month. As much excitement is going on, I saw some of my friends got worn out because of the part-time education they are involved in, which got me really worried if I'm up to it. I'm so afraid that I want to just give up and let my results slip, just like what happened in Poly. I kinda let go of my modules by skipping school and my GPA dropped drastically with one supp paper (which I do not intend to have throughout the whole course). I just need to get this straight to myself and really finsish this course, and go to some good game development or graphic design company.

My work has been fulfilling, with some challenges as well as some lecturing from TL and manager on my inability to say 'No'. Also have a rather tough user with some conflict involved but it's all fine now. At least I'm making progress in work. Had some bonus this month and I want to use part of the bonus for dearie's germany aerospace student exchange programme, also to put in some money on a new gold necklace for my baby bro, Lucius, on his lunar b'dae (eve of mooncake festival), and to get a new pair of spectacles to replace my four-yr old no-lenses-changed spectacle (but this is claimable! =P).

My family has been really peaceful, but the main focus is to make sure that Lucius can crawl before Sept. I've also gotten my grandparents to lend me some money for my undergraduate programme. I think I'm so full of pride because the lending period to get me into the programme has been...well, I'm not sure which word to put in..it's not humiliating, as I'm trying to give myself a chance to be better than who I am now. Neither is it hurtful because my grandparents never put me on the spot or anything. It's just that I'm not used to asking for money (it's like that since young. Either my mum put my allowance beside my bed or not at all. I'll never ask for it.). Maybe it's like a test to show how much I want to learn what I'm interested in.

Nothing much is going on between dearie and me. The life we're leading is quite routined. I certainly hope marriage life for the first 5 yrs are not like that.

Well, enough said. I'm going off for some fun.



Monday, December 31, 2007 Y
New yr resolution

today is the last day of new year..
n i'm not sure if i'm just going to bypass such a wonderful day..
because there's a 60-40 chance that I might not be able to go out at all..
or rather,
no one to go out with me..
(n I dont ask people out..how dumb is it?
sad over not going out when I din ask anyone out at all? =.=)

for some reasons..
I start to hate my life..
I mean not work-wise..
but about me..
I've been pondering it for quite sometime..
n I certainly feel that I can live louder than now..
but unfortunately..things arent going this way at all..

as a libran,
I strived for balance..
in both work n play,
in family, love, friends and colleagues..
but things arent going this way too..

I mean..
I certainly feel the love everyone gave to me..
all the concerns I have..
but I find that it's not enough..
because I have not give much to everyone..

today is a day that I should be grateful..
I should be happy with my life..
n not be pulled down by some obstacles I'm having right now..
and for my baby bro who pulled everyone closer together..

but I guess I'm still feeling upset about my unbalanced life..
until one day when I'm finally over it..
will be the day I'm truely happy..
so here in this new year's resolution..
I wish for a balanced life..
to be happy, and give people happiness..
maybe I should smile more often and talk more often?
maybe..we'll see how to get about..

Happy New Year in advance!


Monday, December 03, 2007 Y
Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I'm not sure how many are as excited as me,
but I'm definitely looking to watch this!

In the actual BBC series,
it only lasts 30minutes..
to make it to a movie,
they have to draggggg it till at least 1hr to 1.5hrs..

Actually I've watched the BBC version of Prince Caspian
which was ok because it was film at 1980s?
so the graphic was like the best at that time..

after the whole Chronicles of Narnia is complete..
mostly probably I'll buy the dvd..
it's so nice!
then I have the new n old version of Narnia le..

enough of this..
gotta go work..
take care~


Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Y
& there we go again..

Today at work..
first thing I do was to check out LoveDiary
somehow or rather I've been having this hunch that Dearie put up something there..

after reading his latest blog entry
I shed a tear or two in office..
but quickly remain my composure because I din want anyone to know what happened..

sometimes its tiring to be in love..
especially in a relationship with communication doesnt appear to be as active as before..
when I was reading the entry,
things like "Is he ok now?" or "did he hurt himself?" keep popping out of my mind..
as if I can just rush to find him and check his injuries..
I think I've already forgiven him..
but I think I still want that peace and quiet to calm myself down..
maybe can let him rest n heal his wounds (if there's any)
I'm not sure what I want to do now..
din really slp last night..
cried to slp silently..
hoping that nobody will notice..

yesterday after I reached home..
my mum and granny keep asking about him..
I'm really trying to act as if nothing happened..
he put aeroplane on me twice already..
we actually arranged that I go to his hse after my mum reach home..
for one hr I've been trying to reach him..
n knowing that he's already slping..
I decided to just stay at home n chill..
was a little pissed, but really ok..
beause I really understand that he's really tired..
then he told me that he got meeting at raffles city..
ask me to meet him so we can go have dinner or something..
told him I wanted to go chijmes for the cosplay restaurant..
arranged nice nice..
unfortunately things always happen..

I'm really trying to be understanding..
I've tried..
I've even told myself that he actually improve
last time I cry like every month
it's been almost a yr since I last cried..
I even joked to myself yesterday saying that he's accumulating the hours (plus interest) I made him wait in the past and give it back to me yesterday night..
self-consoling I guess..
hope that after this period our bond is better....


Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Y

exciting isnt it?
you know why it's taking so long?
there's like Project Runway Norway, Malaysia and Canada..
Crazy right?
dont have Singapore?

this is crazy lo..
and they just finish the fashion show for season 4
check is out: http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/



Monday, November 12, 2007 Y
Sasori Cosplay

thought some of you might just go gaga over this pic..
damned nice lo!
cosplay Sasori so cute!!



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